Friday, July 6, 2007

President Peanut Farmer, summed up NICELY

Frontpagemag has an absolutey fantastic summary of President Peanut Farmer's undeclared war against Israel specifically, and Jews in general. It can be found here:

I expect President Peanut Farmer to endorse Dennis Kucinich for President any day now...........


GM Roper said...

During the 1980 election, one of my favorite political cartoons showed the peanut farmer in a field weilding a hoe. The caption read: "Jimmy Carter - Out Standing In His Field"

I see in the last 27 years, nothing has changed.

Bald Headed Geek said...

Thanks for stopping by, George!

Were he not an ex-President, his opinions would be dismissed as the tripe that they are. However, his former office gives him a gravitas which far exceeds the import his views would ordinarily hold.