Monday, July 9, 2007

Perspective on 10,000

I previously blogged about the Philadelphia Phillies march to historical awfulness (10,000 losses), but this CBS Sportsline writer has a good take on this "feat": Certainly, in modern times, the Phillies have not been horrible. Rather, they are rather mediocre, never venturing too high above or too far below the .500 mark. The article writer compares them the to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (note to self: MUST do an updated Top Five and Bottom Five tomorrow!), but I think that a better comparison might be the Kansas City Royals or the Pittsburgh Pirates, other longstanding franchises who haven't won anything in years. In fact, both of those franchises are now downright miserable.

It could be worse, Philadelphia........................


serket said...

Is this the first team to achieve this loss milestone? My only connection to baseball is that I used to collect the cards.

Bald Headed Geek said...

The Phillies would be the first team in any sport anywhere to achieve this dubious distinction.