Friday, July 20, 2007

Not a good time to be a sports fan

Is this a miserable to be a sports fan or what? In MLB, we have the ongoing chase for Hank Aaron's all-time home run record by the steroid-fueled Barry Bonds. In the NFL, we have a neverending series of player arrests, culminating in Michael Vick's arrest this week for unepseakable animal cruelty. Now, we have an NBA referee accused of point shaving, which goes to the very integrity of the sport: And though it is not technically a sport, we have professional wrestlers (who are unquestionably athletes) dying left and right (and tragically, sometimes taking others with them) due to suspected steroid abuse.

I want to know, how do I explain all this to my oldest son? He is a diehard sports fan. You can't go two minutes on ESPN, Foxsports, or any sportscast without yet another story dealing with these issues. I am almost at the point where I want the television turned off.

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