Monday, July 30, 2007

Move over, President Peanut Farmer

Here comes your #2 guy, former V.P. Walter Mondale, who has followed his former boss' lead and gone after the Bush 43 Administration. His target: Current V.P. Dick Cheyney, who is derided incessantly by Mondale in this piece run by (who else?) the Washington Post:

The amazing thing about this screed? Mondale nearly dislocates his shoulder patting himself and President Peanut Farmer on the back because they "kept the peace" during their Administration. Really? Well, if you consider letting the Soviets march into Afghanistan and sitting around with your collective thumbs up a certain party of your anatomy while Iran gets taken over by an Islamofascist regime which is now seeking nuclear weapons "keeping the peace", then I guess he's right.

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Onion Volcano said...

Your contempt must be satisfying. Sneering at Carter and Mondale is fun.

You'll change your tune when Hillary's team uses all of Cheney/Bush's brand-new powers.

Would you want a Democrat spying on you? Sending your kids to die? Firing professionals who share your beliefs?

Get ready for it. Try to imagine how angry with us the Democrats are.

The Bush/Cheney dishonor of America is permanent. Get ready for liberals with power unlike anything we've seen before.

And they can thank our side.