Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If today's MSM existed 70 years ago

A good friend of mine by the name of Paul wrote the following. It is absolutely fantastic:

WHAT IF......Hitler and the National Socialists had Conducted Themselves More Like the Saudis, the Islamists, Hamas and Al-Qaeda? Or what if Hitler came to power in 2007? (with some corrections)

Danzig, Poland (AP): Yesterday, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a Polish police station, killing three policemen and four civilians; this was the third such bombing in a week. In addition, another bomb went off near Warsaw's largest Jewish synangogue earlier in the same day, killing three rabbis. The activist who killed himself in Danzig is believed to be a member of the pro-German nationalist Volkfrei movement; and while no one is yet claiming responsibility for the Warsaw bombing, some believe that it may have been planted by militants affilliated with the German Schutzstaffel, or SS.

The German Government immediately distanced itself from the bombings and denounced terrorism. "Although we support the nationalist and political aspirations of the Volkfrei organization, we do not support the use of violence as a means to achieve these otherwise legitimate ends," declared Joachim von Ribbentrop, head of the German Foreign Ministry. "We will continue to work toward re-unification with illegally occupied German lands in western Poland, but this will be done through peaceful means. However unfortunate the spontaneous outbursts of violence we have seen, they are the expressions of despair and hopelessness from an oppressed, occupied people. As we have repeatedly stated, Anschluss will bring peace."

As for the Warsaw bombing, von Ribbentrop declared that the SS had nothing to do with it: "As we have seen time and again, Jewish terrorists have resorted to bombing their own places of worship in order to bring discredit upon the government of the Fuehrer. They have assassinated our foreign dignitaries and party representatives (referring to the killing of Ernst vom Rath, a German embassy official in Paris, and Wilhlem Gustloff, a Nazi Party activist in Switzerland, both murdered by Jews), and now they are bringing a reign of terror upon the rest of Europe-- all because we have chosen to stand up to belligerent Jewish economic and financial hegemony. We can all be thankful that Soviet leader Stalin, since the agreement reached in our non-aggression pact, has been a cooperative partner in cracking down on Jewish militarism and agitation in his own government-- otherwise, the Jews would have instigated another European war by now."

Although some cite Germany's Nuremburg Laws of 1935 as proof of the Third Reich's hostility toward Jews, this is refuted by Ribbentrop: "These laws represent the nationalist sentiment of the Deutsches Volksgemeinschaft. We don't want our culture corrupted, and our citizens de-Germanized, by a foreign people. The situation is truly quite the opposite-- it is the oppression of the German people in the occupied territories of western Poland, by the Jews, which is the real crime."

Many in the League of Nations agree; the international body has once again passed a resolution demanding that Poland cede the territories of Silesia, Pomerania and Danzig to Germany. Moreover, as many Jews flee Germany for Palestine, the League, in another general assembly vote, denounced the efforts by Zionist militants to re-establish the state of Israel. "Israel, as a state, has been dead for two-thousand years," stated a representative of the German delegation, Hans Frank. "Indigineous Arab-Muslims live there now, and a revived Jewish state would offend them greatly. They have their own grievances with the Jews, too, and they have been victims of Jewish terrorism as well."

A movement toward peace, and an easing of tensions, has been gaining ground in Poland, where the Socialist Labor Party gained a large number of seats in the last parliamentary elections. Although the SLP does not have enough seats to name a Prime Minister, many believe that this will happen in the next round of voting-- after which Poland will take a new stance with Germany. "Silesia, Pomerania and Danzig must be placed on the negotiating table, as they have German majority populations," stated Socialist Labor Party Chairman Tomasz Markowski. "The violence in these territories is escalating, and war must be avoided at all costs."

Since last year, a low-intensity guerilla war has been waged between the Polish authorities and Volkfrei activists joined by fighters with the Pro-German Schwerpunkt Kampgruppen. Although these are viewed by many as proxies for the Hitler government, German officials continue to claim that these forces protect the local German populations from Jewish aggression and atrocities. Deflecting accusations that the local Germans are breeding a culture of hatred (which, in turn, provides ample volunteers for suicide bombings), SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler declares that the nationalist movements "reflect the love of the Volk for their Heimat (homeland), which they only wish to join; but for the the Volksturm, that is, the Volkfrei and the Schwerpunkt Kampfgruppen, the Jews would have committed genocide against the Germans in the occupied territories."

Movements toward maintaining peace are not just gaining ground in Poland, but are present everywhere among the major powers of western Europe. Spanish leader Francisco Franco has declared that he will join the Tripartite Pact of Germany, Italy and Japan. In addition, since the collapse of the Deladier government last year, French President Henri Petain has not only made friendly overtures to Germany, but is also rumored to be considering membership in the Tripartite Pact as well. In Great Britain, an ailing Prime Minister Chamberlain is expected to step down within days, after which he will be succeeded by Lord Halifax; the latter has proclaimed that peace will prevail under his government, and that the "embarassment" of "Germanophobia" will not lead his country "into another catastrophe akin to the Great War." Halifax is believed to be referring to former First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, branded by many in Parliament as a "Germanophobe" and a "warmonger" because of his dire predictions and warnings with regard to dealings with the Hitler government. Many in Parliament are demanding that Churchill be arrested and jailed under new laws which have illegalized "war agitation" and "slander against foreign nations" (which could lead to war).

A great supporter of "recognition and reconciliation" with Germany is Joseph Kennedy, former American Ambassador to Britain and burgeoning presidential candidate. "Germany is a great, peaceful nation with whom dialogue should be undertaken, and with whom friendly relations are possible," declared Kennedy. "Germany is forming new alliances not only with the Soviet Union, but with the western democracies as well. Why should we ever choose the path of war with a country which so obviously seeks peace? It is now clear to all-- Hitler wants peace. National Socialism means peace. Germany is peace."

Although the Roosevelt Administration has taken a more combative stance and has threatened military force against the alleged use of covert terrorism by the Hitler government, there has been a different tone of late given the apparent popularity and resonance of Ambassador Kennedy's pronouncements. Seeking to avoid losses in the upcoming mid-term elections, administration officials have backed off of prior sabre-rattling. "The German people are a great, peaceful people," says Secretary State Cordell Hull. "We continue to worry about some of the extremism demonstrated by their government, but we know that this in no way reflects upon the greatness of the Teutonic nation. We will continue to explore diplomatic avenues and rapproachment with the Hitler government."

The president of the German-American Bund, August Wehier, continues to demand that relations be normalized while he continues to fight a legal and public relations battle with "Germanophobia." He states: "America is a nation of minorities and immigrants-- and the largest minority in this country is the German minority. Under no circumstances should international terror ever be linked with the words "German," "Germany" or "National Socialism". For too long the Roosevelt Administration has acted under such bigoted presumptions, no doubt fueled by Jewish paranoia in New York and Washington. The Greater German Reich has nothing to do with the terror we have seen in recent times, and flare-ups of violence in disputed territories are only the result of legitimate grievances and self-defense."

In an effort to ease tensions and promote dialogue, President Roosevelt joined Wehier in dedicating the newest Adolf Hitler school in Washington, D.C. The Adolf Hitler schools, fuinded by the Fatherland Foundation, are for American school-age children of German descent whose communities have been unable to support adequate public education because of the economic downturns of recent years. Although attacked by critics as "indoctrination centers for National Socialist ideology," Wehier praised the schools for providing free education to poor children during hard times. He dismissed the allegation of political indoctrination as more Germanophobia from paranoid Jews.

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