Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Summer of Love, this ain't

You want to know what's coming this summer, or if not this summer then soon after? Here is what's in the cards in the Middle East: http://www.upi.com/International_Intelligence/Analysis/2007/07/09/commentary_israel_and_hezbollah_round_2/7836/. Israel is in an existential war. Right now that war is in a cold phase, but that cannot last forever.

So, the questions I have are:

1) Will Israel finish the job this time?
2) Will the world stop Israel from doing what it must?
3) Will Iran officially get involved, especially if their Hezbollah and Syrian proxies appear headed for defeat?
4) Will the U.S. intervene if Israel appears to be headed for defeat?
5) Will Israel use nuclear weapons if it appears that it is being defeated?
6) Will the Olmert government survive the war?
6) Will the Saudis and Egyptians get involved?
7) Will Hamas open a second (third?) front from Gaza?
8) Will the "Boycott Israel" movement gain or lose energy once the fighting begins?
9) What will Russia and China do?
10) Will al Qaeda or its affiliates take advantage of the situation to launch terrorist attacks in the West, and what form would those attacks take?
11) Will Pakistan get involved in any Middle East conflict?

I don't have the answers to these questions. If any of my readers do, I would welcome them...............


Pastorius said...

No answers from me either. Israel disappointed me so much last year, I have pretty much given up hope.

We are going to have some sort of apocalypse before the Western world snaps to reason.

Bald Headed Geek said...

Thanks for stopping in! I am hoping that SOMEONE does have some answers, because I sure don't.


Solomon said...

I don't know, either. I'll say on the boycott front that most of that stuff is just thrashing, and if war breaks out, especially if Israel is clearly attacked first, it will look even sillier than it already does.

Bald Headed Geek said...

It may look sillier, but it will still be very powerful. Anti-Semitism is a force whose power should never understimated.


Steve said...

1. Hope so. 2.They will try. 3.No. 4.Hope so. 5.Hope so,if not sooner. 6. Hope not. 6.2.Indirectly, yes. 7.4th and 5th. 8.Gain. 9.Whatever suits their economic needs. They are better capitalists than we are. 10and11.Listen to Glenn Beck's theory on what will happen to Pakistan and as a result the West.
I believe in fate. And I believe there are many outcomes to a given situation depending on the free-will decisions made by mortal man. Mortal man is so far astray from common sense and reality in this era that I fear the worst case scenario will prevail before modern mortal man is shaken enough to act and react in a meaningful, moral and effective way.