Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beyond the Pale

This story is one of those that just absolutely sickens me. Football fans across North America have followed the the stroy of Michael Vick, and the dogfighting kennels which were found on his property. Well, now he has been indicted: The details of the indictment are absolutely horrific, not only for the fact that this type of barbaric activity still takes place in a supposedly civilized society, but for the way that dogs who lost fights were "disposed of".

I've railed against Barry Bonds, but stories like this one provide a perspective check. Who has Bonds ultimately hurt? When he dies at a young age, we'll know the answer to that question. Vick, on the other hand, and if the allegations contained in the indictment are proven, has engaged in conduct which is abominable. Can anyone out there explain the mentality that thinks that dogfighting is acceptable? Is it just me who finds this so reprehensible?

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