Friday, July 27, 2007

How politicians are playing games with our national security

GREAT, great Op-Ed in today's Wall Street Journal on how politicians on both sides of the aisle (but, admittedly, especially the Democrats) are playing games with our national security, resulting in a less secure homeland:

I found out something I did not know, which is that completely foreign calls (eg., from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan) are frequently routed through the United States because our phone system is so much more advanced than those elsewhere in the world. Since those calls now go through the U.S., they are considered "domestic calls" requiring FISA warrants. What sense does that make??? Then again, so long as the New York Times can screech about the evils of "Domestic Surveillance", it's all good, right?

I really fear for the future of this country sometimes................

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serket said...

That is a good article and I wish Bush would fight harder on this issue.

So thanks to the obligation to abide by an outdated FISA statute, U.S. intelligence is now struggling even to tap the communications of foreign-based terrorists.

To claim foreign calls are domestic seems like a real stretch of the law. We should be tapping these calls to pick up on the terrorist attacks.