Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Battlefield England, Part Fourteen

Melanie Phillips is by far one of the most astute commentators out there insofar as England and Islam are concerned. Unfortunately she is, by and large, ignored by her fellow Brits as they fall all over themselves to be "tolerant" (I would submit that cowardly acquiescence can sometimes be mistaken for tolerance) and proclaim that Islam is a religion of Peace (and thank YOU, President Bush, for giving us that expression).

Really, Melanie is the proverbial voice in the wilderness. No matter how much she may proclaim the dangers that our society faces, no one, especially in the U.K., is listening: http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2007/07/britians-war-ag.html. They're too busy denying who is attacking them and boycotting Israel......................


Dr C. Riyal Kilah said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
I have something terrible to report.

I have come home from the hospital feeling very upset. All the radiation sources have disappeared from the oncology department - probably those Buddhists up to their tricks again.

The kaffir hospital management (Inshallah may they soon die of strange, undiagnosable ailments and be replaced by Islamic brothers) called an emergency meeting addressed by a kaffir police officer.

This institutionally-racist representative of the oppressive Zionist-Crusader alliance said that the radiation sources could be "Used by terrorists to make a dirty bomb".

I was extremely hurt and distressed by this statement. I forcefully pointed out that there is no such thing as a terrorist. Gordon Brown himself (pbuh) has said so. The word 'terrorist' is hate-speech - it is a racist term of abuse used by bigots, Islamophobes and BNP supporters (Inshallah may they find themselves upon our operating tables tended by Muslim anaesthetists) to vilify peaceful Muslims.

I have written to Sir Ian B.Liar demanding the officer's dismissal and prosecution for racist verbal assault. I intend to sue the Metropolitan Police for the post-traumatic emotional stress this appalling incident has caused me, and will continue to cause me for the next fifty years. I have been examined by four independent Muslim psychiatrists who will vouch for my mental suffering (I'll accept an out of court settlement of £500,000 in a five-way split, Inshallah)

I just hope I've recovered enough by next week to be able to attend the annual dinner of the Muslim Medical Malpractitioners' Association. My colleague Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth will be receiving the Dr Josef Mengele (pbuh) Prize for innovation in surgical procedures, and I am due to give a presentation on performance evaluation for our new Dr Harold Shipman (pbuh) Award for meeting mortality rate targets (One point for a standard kaffir, two for a dancing slag, three for a Jew, four for an Islamophobic blogger, five for an apostate and 100 for Sir Salman Rushdie).

I must finish now, as night has fallen and I have noticed a strange green light in the back of my car. Probably glowworms.

Dr C. Riyal Kilah
Muslim Medical Malpractitioners Association
'You'll need more than an apple a day to keep us away' TM

british kaffir said...

There is an increasing grassroots awareness of Islam in England, although 60% still think it is a peaceful religion. The proportion is even higher in Scotland. See

http://uppompeii1.uppompeii.com/ for British views on RoP.

Bald Headed Geek said...

Great link, BK! I have added it to my list of links......


serket said...

What does "Inshallah" mean?

Bald Headed Geek said...

I believe that it means "God Willing"