Saturday, July 14, 2007

British P.M. Gordon Brown hits bottom.......begins digging

I don't even think that this qualifies as politically correct, because that would be unduly complimentary:

Gordon Brown, whose 2 1/2 weeks in power are making everyone nostalgic for Tony Blair, has decided that British schools should not be teaching students about Sir Winston Churchill or the other major world leaders during the WWII era. Nope, that would be offensive. Instead, they'll get classes on global warming and................wait for it.......................ARABIC. I kid you not.


Bar Kochba said...

That goes hand in hand with the news that students are no longer being taught about the Crusades and the Holocaust not to offend Muslims. What ever happened to common sense?

najistani said...

The word is getting through - here's a new slant on the recent RoP spin-doctoring.


"The survey found that young people are the group most likely to see Islam as a violent religion.

Nearly 28 percent of 18-24 year olds believe Islam is fundamentally a religion of war which sits uneasily with modern Western culture compared with 17 percent of the overall population and only 13 percent of those aged 65.

Less than half of all 18-24 year olds (48%) see Islam as a religion of peace, compared with 60 percent or over for every other age group, the poll found.

"The trend that will alarm the Government and community groups most is that young people, who are generally more positive about spirituality, are so much more negative about Islam than the population as a whole," said Woolley."

Is this because young people are more likely to get their news and opinions from the internet than from the MSM?

Keep on Blogging!!!

najistani said...

But the heavy hand of PC censorship for the most part still rules in Britanistan. Here's a typical example:

I've just been reading the post at

There is a total MSM news blackout, and very little in the blogosphere. Surely justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done, especially as 14-year-old Charlene Downes (if you haven't heard) is believed by Blackpool police to have been raped, strangled and her body cut up and turned into kebabs and tile grout after her disappearance in November 2003. Two Muslim men - one a former social worker - are on trial for her murder or with assisting in the disposal of her body.

The combination of murder, the appalling likelihood that scores of unwitting customers actually ate Charlene, and the unasked question as to whether this was another case involving the grooming for sex and drugs of a young Kuffar girl by a Muslim sex predator gang should have made this killing national front page news.

P.S. This may be only the tip of the iceberg. Muslim pedophile rings are prevalent throughout the north of England.

serket said...

najistani, that is an interesting poll on whether islam is a violent religion. It actually surprises me since youth are usually more liberal in this country than other age groups.