Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whither Pakistan?

What has been going on there should concern us all: If that country falls into the hands of the Taliban elements in Pakistan, as could very well occur, we would be facing a country with a seventh century mentality and nuclear weapons. You can be sure that if this occurs, the new government will be only too happy to disseminate its nuclear technology to its terrorist buddies.

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British Kafir said...


"Terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem last Tuesday that cost 14 people their lives served to emphasize the importance of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's historic, four-day state visit to India last week. Sharon, the first Israeli prime minister ever to visit the South Asian giant, was in New Delhi to strengthen the strategic ties between the two countries in the War on Terror, his visit symbolizing the close relations India and Israel have been developing over the past few years.

For both countries, it is a natural alliance; they see themselves facing some of the same problems vis-à-vis Islamic terrorism, such as cross-border infiltration, disputed territory and threatened annihilation. Like with the West Bank, Islamic extremists in South Asia have made it clear they will not stop with the "liberation" of Kashmir, the Muslim-majority Indian state they want to sever from India. Thereafter, their stated goal is to set up two more Islamic states in northern and southern India for the Muslims living there, having in store for India and Hinduism the same fate they intend for Israel and Judaism in the Middle East - total eradication.

Of course when the shit hits the fan in Pakistan (probably an Israeli/Indian strike to neutralise their nukes) all hell will also break loose from the Pakistani Jihadists in Britain.