Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They just figured this out?

There is an article in the Haaretz newspaper which says that Israel needs to "rethink" its policy of trading terrorists for either small numbers of captured Israelis or dead bodies: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/997676.html. Hmm, I wonder what brought on this sudden flash of briliance? Could it be the fact that the Arabs are by no means stupid, and they have quickly realized that kidnappings can lead them to get many of their terrorist comrades set free. Even better for them, they don't even have to keep those who they kidnap alive. So, why WOULDN'T they keep doing this, unless Israel comes up with a better way to respond?

Here's my suggestion: The next time that terrorists kidnap an Israeli, Israel respond by killing 50 terrorists. Do it again and the number doubles, to 100. Do it a third time and the number doubles again, to 200, and so on and so forth. Who cares what the U.N. or "international community" has to say about the subject? They can't stand Israel anyway.

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Mad Zionist said...

If the moslems were expelled there would be little opportunity for them to kidnap anymore Jews.