Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Anti-Semite in Chief speak again

Pitchfork Pat can't help himself. He really can't. His loathing of Jews in general and Israel in particular comes out no matter how hard he tries to suppress it (which isn't that hard, to be frank). Here he is again, blaming Israel for Iran's testing of missiles, accusing AIPAC of being run by traitors, and accusing every supporter of Israel of being a "fifth columnist": http://www.townhall.com/columnists/PatrickJBuchanan/2008/07/15/a_phony_crisis_--_and_a_real_one. The man is a despicable, odious anti-Semite of the worst order. That he is taken seriously by anyone is pathetic, and that he is absolutely adored by MSNBC, Fox News and CNN is just plain stupid.


Encompassed said...

Have you heard of any reason why these networks still keep Pat Buchanan around? There's got to be some reason. Surely they're not so blind to his being a flaming Jew hater. Disgusting.

caesar215 said...

Didn't Pat Buchanan author a book that referred to our involvement in WWII as "unnecessary" and refer to that conflict as "Churchill and Roosevelt's War".
I suppose he missed what the Nazi juggernaut was doing to the rest of the non-totalitarian world and the holocaust.
He is a Joe Kennedy Sr. isolationist/appeaser and probably has a photo of Kennedy on his mantle next to Henry Ford