Sunday, July 27, 2008

I noticed this long ago

John Bolton, who sees the world in much the same way that I do, has written an Op-Ed (in the Los Angeles Times, of all places) in which he pointedly notes that Barack Obama's speech in Berlin, which was delivered to an adoring throng of 200,000 people, was long on naivete and short on historical knowledge:,0,4549608.story.

No kidding. Obama's glaring lack of historical knowledge ("The world" tore down the Berlin Wall? Mr. Obama, meet President Reagan. President Reagan, meet Senator Obama.) alone should scare anyone who is considering voting for him. When you combine that with his left wing, kumbaya, "can't we all get along?" mentality and a world where enemies of this country (and sorry to break it to you, Senator, but we DO have enemies--Islamofascists, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, China, etc.) would be more than happy to take advantage of a suddenly impotent United States, this is a recipe for disaster.

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