Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shut up

Michael Savage is the Right's answer to idiots like Michael Moore or Ted Rall. He is a bomb-thrower, and a good chunk of his comments are based on ignorance or idiocy, or both. Such is the case with his latest pronouncements on autism, where he pontificated that autism is nothing more (in 99% 0f the cases) than a child acting up, or a he described it, being a "brat":,0,7335653.story.

I don't have any autistic children in my family. I do, however, know such children. They are not brats. They are not acting up or acting out. They DO have mental health issues. Savage should just shut up, because this is a subject about which he obviously knows absolutely nothing.

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serket said...

I have two second cousins with autism, one minor and one severe.