Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another conspiracy theory gets shot down

9/11 Truthers are a resilient bunch. Debunk one of their theories and they quickly fire back with two more wacky theories. Now, one of their prize theories, the collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven, is about to be exposed as being nothing more than another crackpot theory. The National Institute of Science and Technology is about to publish its long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated findings on the collapse of the building and--shocker!--it found that the building was NOT destroyed in a controlled demolition:

Sorry Rosie O'Donnell, sorry Jesse Ventura, sorry Charlie Sheen. You can all take your toys and run along now............

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mike said...

By god then it's settled. The only questions that really matter is what the motive was and what did Bin Laden gain.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bin Laden did it, there is also no doubt that Bin Laden gained something, what and when don't really matter as the American public are to gutless to deal with the truth.