Friday, July 18, 2008

And what exactly do the Democrats plan to do about this?

Gas in one particularly remote Alaskan town has hit the absurd price of $8.55 a gallon: The Republicans, agree with them or not, are at least trying to propose some options. What are we getting out of the Democrats? Nothing other than obstruction and almost a "let them eat cake (and ride their bicycles)" attitude.

My job takes me all over the state, and I lug a big trial bag around wherever I go. Sorry, but a bike's not an option for me, nor is public transportation. The Democrats, as usual, offer me nothing in terms of viable ideas or solutions to the increasing cost of fuel. Their sole gesture seems to be to say "no" to everything; No to more drilling; Not to shale oil; No to more clean coal development; No to more nuclear power; No to everything, in fact. Just how do they propose that we get the cost of energy to go down? Do they even want it to go down? Or, with typical liberal self-hatred, do they think that we deserve to pay higher costs for fuel?

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

Why would the dems do that? This is the goal they have been working for since the 70s. They want high prices and for people to not use cars. I can't ride my bike (I live in Vegas) or use public transportation either. I'll have three classes and my internship in the fall so I have to have a car.

Had we drilled 10 years ago we'd be in better shape right now.