Friday, November 16, 2007

Ousted Olmert?

Supporters of Israel can only hope that this is the case. There is a very interesting article in today's Middle East Forum on how Olmert's increasingly generous offers to the Palestinians are the hallmark of a desperate--and doomed--Prime Ministership:

I read the article and was struck by the opening lines, where Dhimmi Olmert sputters about how in order for there to be peace, there must always be "concessions". Really? I wonder, Mr. Prime Minister, what the Palestinians are "conceding"? As I see it, the only potential concession that they are making is that they will give up something that they don't have, which is "the right of return". Other than than, it's all on Israel.

Why don't Israel's leaders have a problem with this? And, for more on Israel's apparent death wish, read this: It paints a dismal picture of the current state of Israeli politics.

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