Monday, November 19, 2007

Isn't this cute?

Mahmoud and Hugo are making nice with each other. Isn't it precious when megalomaniacal dictators play nice?

Seriously, if this isn't Exhibits 1 and 1A as to why we need to find an alternative fuel source to oil, I don't know what is. Every penny that we pour into the economies of these two enemies of the United States--and that's what they are--will come back to haunt us. Bet on it.

And for those who start screaming "Drill in ANWR! Drill off the coasts" I say, okay.....what happens after that? ANWR won't provide but a drop in the proverbial bucket, and even if they start drilling today, it will be a decade before any oil is produced out of the wells that are drilled. What we need to do is find an ALTERNATIVE to oil, which is doable. If we can build computer chips which are as small as the head of a pin, there is no reason why we can't find an alternative fuel source. None.


serket said...

I heard Chavez wants to shorten the work day to only 6 hours. That ought to hurt an economy already in bad shape.

Ogden said...

I keep hearing people say we need to find an alternative to oil and that this is something that can be done. I never hear about any such alternative in any degree of specificity. Seems to me without discussing viable and specific ways of getting rid of the internal combustion engine, or finding a real replacement for oil based fuels, this kind of talk is merely aspirational, like trying to end world hunger, or finding a cure for cancer. Meanwhile we continue to have to figure out how to deal with the reality of hunger, and of cancer. And of an increasingly competitive world that runs on oil.

serket said...

It's nice to hear from someone who accepts that global warming is increased by human activity, but also acknowledges that oil is probably the most efficient fuel source we have right now.

P.S. There is a city in Utah called Ogden.