Friday, November 16, 2007

Does this surprise you?

If so, it shouldn't. Apparently, plans were afoot to set the groundwork for a visit by Prince Charles to Israel..........before they were scuttled by his office: This would never have come to light if for reasons that remain a mystery, someone hadn't cc'd the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K. on the e-mail exchange discussing the visit.

Whenever it comes to the subject of Israel, I always expect the worst from Europeans in general and Britons in particular. The culture there has become so left wing and sympathetic to "the Palestinian Cause" that Israel really has no chance. Just check out the tone of the e-mail, which rules out a visit because Israel might use it to "burnish" its public image. Well, God Forbid that Israel should ever look good, right? Funny how that didn't seem to be an issue when Prince Charles went gallivanting about the Arabian peninsula.

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