Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coming up VERY small

Another heartbreaking story involving animal cruelty. A man owns a beagle which gets away from his house. He puts up posters and advertises that he will pay a $500 reward for the return of his dog. Instead, he gets a call demanding $600 by midnight that night or his dog will be killed. He then listens on the phone as his dog is apparently tortured. Around three a.m., he gets a call telling him that his dog has been killed, at which time the line goes dead:

I actually feel ill after reading this. I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again. What kind of person tortures animals? Does that life form even deserve the right to be called a "person"? Again, to put all my cards on the table, I am an animal lover--I don't even kill spiders when I find them in the house (I catch them in a glass and put them outside). I own three dogs, so this story hits me pretty hard. Dogs provide their owners with unconditional love. Treat them right and they will by loyal to you forever. So, to read that obviously twisted individuals likely tortured a dog to death both infuriates and nauseates me.

Honestly, if they find the people who did this, they should be treated the same way they treated this poor little dog.

One other thing: The dog owner tried to get Verizon to release the phone number of the phone that called him. Even after being served with a warrant, it took Verizon 12 DAYS to provide the information, and even then, the Philadelphia Police Department, which is investigating the situation, was charged $150. That's disgraceful.

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