Friday, November 16, 2007

All the more reason to get ourselves off the oil crack pipe............

OPEC member Venezuela's leader, Hugo Chavez, and his lap dog, Ecuador, are pushing to have the Cartel become more "political":

Translation: Chavez wants OPEC to become more anti-Western in general, and more anti-American in particular. I don't see Mr. Chavez getting his way to any significant degree, even with allies such as Iran to support him, but if he did, you can be sure that it would likely mean even higher oil prices for us, and embargoes and/or boycotts of countries that do business with or supply oil to Israel.

Again, I'll ask this question: How much more incentive do we need to get ourselves off the oil dependency?


Donald Douglas said...

Chavez is despicable. He's already got the attention of states like Iran. Now he's wants a anti-American alliance with the Saudis?

An implacable foe, he is.

serket said...

Are there any legitimate alternative? Oil is a very efficient energy source. We at least need to find ways to get more out of what we currently use.