Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jews who hate Jews

There are a lot of them around. Sure, everyone knows about the Noam Chomskys and Norman Finkelsteins of the world, but there are plenty of others working in the shadows, all with the shared goal of wiping Israel off the map, or blaming it for all of the world's problems:

I have never understood this self-hatred. I'm not saying that every Jew should be a fanatical supporter of Israel, but I do question why some Jews (and what a shock, they seem to be exclusively on the far left of the political spectrum) seem to feel that Israel alone is responsible for so much that ails this world. If Israel would "just go away", they reason, the world would be a much more peaceful place--sure, because Sunnis and Shiites will start loving each other once Israel no longer exists. Because Muslims in Thailand will stop killing Buddhists once Israel stops existing. Because the West will end its dependency on Arab oil once Israel no longer exists. Because Muslim terrorists in The Phillipines will stop their killing once Israel is gone. Because Pakistan and India will stop squabbling over Kashmir if Israel were eliminated. Because Muslims in the Sudan will start loving Christians in Darfur once Israel ceases to exist.

Funny how those inconvenient truths (Sorry, Al Gore) seem to be ignored by the self-hating Jews.

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