Saturday, January 12, 2008

An open message to one of my blog readers

I don't have many "regular" readers, but am appreciative of the ones I do have. One of the people who hasn't been shy about posting to my blog has been a British reader who has posted under the byline "Najistani". No blog links were provided by Najistani, so I never knew exactly who he/she was, whether they were a blogger, etc.

Well, today Najistani linked to a blog called "". The site claims to support the British National Party, which as I understand it, is racist and anti-Semitic. The caption of the blog read as follows: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children". That is a verbatim quote.

So, Najistani, I ask you the following: Are you a supporter of this party? What is your understanding of the party's positions? Do you share their anti-Semitic beliefs? We may have positions in common with respect to Islamofascism, but I want nothing to do with the BNP or the positions it espouses.

For my readers, here is an outline of the BNP's policies, which is taken from the British National Party's own website: For a detailed examination of the party (and the anti-Semitic roots it has), check out this article in the London Times:, or this analysis: If you want more, just type in the words "British National Party" and do a web search. There will be no shortage of articles on it.

UPDATE (9:45 p.m.): Turns out that my "Payback's a bitch" series ties in here as well. British blogger Lionheart, who I've defended, is a supporter of the BNP as well:


UPDATE (7:11 a.m., 1/13/08): A commenter to the blog asked about free speech (regarding Lionheart. I believe in Lionheart's right to say what he wants, when he wants. Just don't expect me to support his other views, given his views on the BNP.


Lee said...

With reference to 'Lionheart' - freedom of speech doesn't only apply to the fact it is more important that it applies to the unpopular, offensive or eccentric.

serket said...

In the Pajamas article you posted about Lionheart it gives his detailed response to this issue. He says he has black and Jewish friends. However, I can understand that you do not want to endorse such a party.

serket said...

I don't think that is Najistani's blog, although it does support the BNP. In his comment he wrote that they came after the Jews first. I don't think this guy hates Jews.

najistani said...

Dear BHG,

The BNP is the ONLY well-organised counter-jihadist movement in the Anglosphere.

Regarding accusations of BNP anti-semitism, please check the following links then draw your own conclusions.

- Najistani

najistani said...


"Amongst my postbag was a scathing letter from Colin Jordon. According to him I am a sell out for stating that we have Jewish members in the BNP. At first I am a little wounded but then accept that criticism from someone with a sixty year track record of abject failure is not such a bad thing."

- Simon Darby, Deputy Leader of the BNP