Monday, January 7, 2008

"No Go" Areas for non-Muslims in the U.K. and Islamic Exgtremism? It's all the fault of the United States!

Articles like this one just fascinate me:;jsessionid=GSJJAXBNLUC3NQFIQMGCFF4AVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2008/01/06/nislam106.xml. An Anglican Bishop comments that there are areas in the United Kingdom which are becoming forbidden territory for non-Muslims, and as the last line of the article comments, a Muslim comments in response that, in short, whatever problems do exist are being caused by U.S. Middle Eastern policies.

So let me get this straight: If a Briton of Pakistani descent kills his daughter because she dresses too much like a Briton, that is because the U.S. has troops in Iraq and doesn't believe that all Israelis should be killed? Hmmm........

Okay, sounds reasonable to me!


GM Roper said...

Of course it is reasonable BHG... whatsa matta with you? LOL

najistani said...

Wow! The British MSM really have woken up and are beginning to reflect the national mood

Here are five newspaper excerpts from today's Islamophobia Watch in addition to yesterday's Hard-hitting Daily Express article:

Daily Mail


Daily Telegraph 1

Daily Telegraph 2

Sunday Telegraph

The £64000 question is how do we turn this tide of revulsion against the Death-cult into poliitical action? Is it too late? These parasites have wormed their way into every aspect of national life and are producing poisons which are killing the Body Politic.

And they are still entering at the rate of several hundred every day, and swarming and breeding like maggots when they get here. Meanwhile the political parties dare not admit that there is a problem - partly because they are chasing the 'Muslim Vote' - and partly because to stop the influx would be to acknowledge that Muslims are bad for the country (to put it mildly), and thus admit that they have allowed a major national disaster to occur on their watch.

The first rule of finding yourself in a hole is to stop digging. But the mainstream parties won't even do that.

Four actions are needed to save Britain.

(1) Immediate end to Muslim immigration
(2) Immediate deportation of all illegals.
(3) Removal of children from Muslim parents where abuse is possible (physical abuse such as FGM and mental abuse such as hate-cult indocrination)
(4) Internment of all illegals or potential terrorists who can't be deported.

To our American cousins I would say it isn't too late for you, but do nothing for another five years and you'll be in the same state as Britain. You must stop importing terrorists now!

najistani said...

Is this another SJS attack?

"A man has appeared in court in connection with an incident in Peterborough city centre.

Mohammed Redha Zouaoui (34), of Cromwell Road, Millfield, appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday, charged with three counts of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and one charge of dangerous driving.

The Algerian national, who spoke only to confirm his name and address, is accused of driving through a barrier on Saturday afternoon and crashing into a crowd of people in Long Causeway.

Two people were injured in the collision, while a third was allegedly stabbed by the driver of the car who got out to confront the crowd of shoppers."

Hat tip Green Arrow