Friday, January 4, 2008

The Iowa Caucauses

I don't profess to be an expert on election politics, but there were several interesting developments to come out of yesterday's Iowa Caucauses: First of all, on the Republican side, the "Huckasurge" carried the day, and the former Pastor and Arkansas Governor won big. The person most hurt by this is former Massachussets Governor Mitt Romney, who poured a ton of money and time into the state, but still only finished second. He must now win New Hampshire, or the perception will be that his campaign is dead in the water. Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson placed third, and all I can ask is "Why?" What has Thompson done? He was an average Senator at best, and frankly, his presidential campaign has been lacklustre.

On the Democratic side, Illinois Senator Barack Obama won going away. He deserves credit; his campaign message has been unfailingly positive, and he has not descended into the gutter through the use of negative ads. Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards placed second, just percentage points ahead of the presumptive Democratic nominee for the Presidency, New York Senator Hillary Clinton. This third place finish has to be setting off panic attacks in her campaign headquarters, and now she, like Mitt Romney, needs a win in New Hampshire. If Obama beats here there too, it would deal a grievous blow to her presidential hopes.

I am still pulling for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, though my affection for Arizona Senator John McCain from eight years ago is still strong. As well, McCain's campaign seems to have found its stride, while Giuliani's is drifting aimlessly. Watch out for McCain in New Hampshire.............

One other side note on the election. Fox News is running a debate this coming weekend, and it is apparently going to exclude Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Those who read my blog know that I do not like or support him. That said, the decision by Fox is dead wrong. Paul has earned his way into the debate, and to exclude him is anti-democratic, plain and simple.

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serket said...

Now Mitt Romney is hanging on Michigan. I hope he loses there also, he changes his views too often. I just wrote a letter to the editor about him last night, but the newspaper hasn't called me back yet. I think Giuliani still has the best chance, wait for the bigger states and he did much better in New Hampshire.

I also am fond of McCain right now and I was glad he won. I heard about the ABC debate, but not the one on Fox. In that other one they had certain percentage standards you had to get and I was surprised Giuliani qualified. You are right about Paul though since I believe he earned 9.99% of the vote in Iowa.