Friday, January 11, 2008

More Bush Delusional Syndrome

I'm starting to wonder. When President Bush speaks about Israel, do James "F--- the Jews" Baker's lips move? Do Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's? First, he spouts off that he wants an indepenedent Palestinian State before he leaves office. Now, the President is spouting off about a how a Palestinian State must be "contiguous": Well, here's a little geographical fact for the White House: The only way to make sure that that happens is to slice Israel in half, which would mean that Israel would no longer be "contiguous". Hello? Anyone listening? McFly?????

Pardon my French, but what the hell has gotten into the White House? This is beyond absurd. Is the President aware that there is a little organization known as Hamas which runs the Gaza Strip, and which has said that it will never accept the existence of Israel?

You know, at this point I'm so disgusted with this Administration that I just want it to leave office. Go away.....................

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Yehudi01 said...

Me too. Amen v'amen.