Friday, January 4, 2008

Do NOT defame religion..........ESPECIALLY Islam

This one comes from the comments section of my blog, and thank you to the individual who posted it. While we were all distracted by other issues and the holidays, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights did what it does best, which was to promulgate a declaration (rapidly adopted by the General Assembly, of course) that religion--especially Islam--should not be defamed:

The enactment of this proclamation is clearly a part of the Islamofascist's "The best defense is a good offense" strategy, and I'll give credit where it is clearly due: It is working swimmingly for them. We in the West cower with fear when they riot, and scream "racism" whenever there is even a muted comment that SOMETHING might be wrong with the Islamic faith given the sheer number of its adherents who seem to think that homicide bombing is acceptable, that Jews are vermin, or that everyone in the West should be subjected to Shariah Law. In fact, we threaten to imprison bloggers who dare speak ill of the Islamic faith. Such is the fate facing one British blogger:


jn said...

The arrest has been ordered by DC Ian Holden, whose contact details can be found in Bedfordshire Police complaints procedure:

jn said...

The reason that Lionheart has been chosen as the first British Blogger to be prosecuted for Islamophobic thought-crime may be pay back for revealing the extent of corruption within the Luton police, including infiltration by muslim drugs gangs. See