Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why the U.N. should be expelled, reason #3,894,234,623

The U.N. is appointing a special investigator to investigate racism. So far, so good. Where is this investigator being sent? Not Saudi Arabia, where all faiths other than Islam are banned. Not Iran, where calls for genocide against Israel and Jews are greeted with a collective yawn by the world community. Not France, where race riots in the infamous "banlieus" are commonplace. Not China, where the Falun Gong is being brutally oppressed. Nope, the U.N. is sending that investigator............................HERE:

If you needed yet another reason to hate that odious organization, there it is..........

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The Contentious Centrist said...

I wonder if it's not just another ploy by the UN to interfere with the results of the American elections. Why are they so worried about racism in Ameica just now? Maybe because they want to help a black man get to the White House? And why are they so interested in that? Because they think in racist terms... They have certain expectations from a black person..