Thursday, May 29, 2008

LBJ, friend of Israel

Call me historically ignorant, but I had no idea that former President Lyndon Baines Johnson was a friend of Israel: Judging by his comments, he was a better friend to the Jewish state than an of his successors in the White House (though his immediate predecessor, John F. Kennedy, reportedly also harboured strong positive sentiments towards Israel).

One the theme, LBJ was also personally involved in the saving of Jews during the Holocaust: I am sure that among the thousands of people protesting the Vietnam war there were many Jewish people, and I wonder if among those who chanted "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many babies did you kill today?", any of them knew about this?


serket said...

That is great information to know about LBJ. Too bad the new Democrats have strayed so far to the left of what they used to be. Now I don't know much about the Vietnam War, but from what I have heard it seems like war protesting is not as popular anymore. If that is true, it is very interesting given how are country continually slides to the left.

Ogden said...

LBJ once said "I never trust a man unless I have his pecker in my pocket". Words to live by in foreign affairs.

Jack said...

I had no idea.