Saturday, May 24, 2008

Democracy, Massachussets-style

You almost have to laugh when you read stuff like this. Massachussets is the bluest of the blue states, but now now you have politicians openly manipulating the system to favour their party. It used to be the law in the Commonwealth that the Governor would make an appointment if a sitting U.S. Senator could not finish out their term. Then, John Kerry ran for President when Mitt Romney was the governor and, well, it was simply unacceptable to the Democrats running the leglislature that a Republican might appoint another Republican to serve out the term, so they changed the law so that a special election would be held to fill the vacancy. Now, there is a Democratic governor, and there is a definite possibility that Ted Kennedy may not be able to fill out his term due to his illness. No probem there for the Massachussets State Legislature, which is considering changing the law back, so as to guarantee that the seat remains in Democratic hands:

It's both shameless and pathetic, but that's hardly a surprise these days.

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serket said...

That is very pathethic, but based on the primaries also, it doesn't seem like the Democrats care about being consistent about voting rules.