Monday, May 12, 2008

Plant rights; the latest European idiocy

I kid you not. This is what the Europeans are up to:

I guess that I shouldn't be surprised, but yet, I still am.......


serket said...

Rachel Lucas did a post about this.

Ogden said...

The article takes an incredibly parochial view. "Why is this happening? Our accelerating rejection of the Judeo-Christian world view, which upholds the unique dignity and moral worth of human beings, is driving us crazy. Once we knocked our species off its pedestal, it was only logical that we would come to see fauna and flora as entitled to rights. "
The Judeo-Christian world is a fractional (although a large) one in a world full of competing theologies, mythologies, ideologies. To take the position that if you don't cleave to Judeo-Christian theology you will worship plants, is absurd, and ignores centuries of thought and spiritual experience in the rest (non-judean-christian) of the world. It is thoughtless analysis.