Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Super in name only

My old friend Dr. Patrick James has written in very detailed fashion on how the whole "superdelegate" issue could potentially prove to be the undoing of the Democratic Party in November: http://www.forbes.com/opinions/2008/05/12/superdelegates-democrats-politics-oped-cx_pja_0513superdelegates.html.

When you think about it, their presence has already proven to be an albatross circling over the party's collective head. Unless they commite "en masse" to Obama and soon, the party will continue to spend money that would really be better spent on battling the Republicans in the fall, and if they do go in favour of Hillary Clinton, the very real possibility exists that Black Americans will sit out the election in November in protest. That would doom the Democrats' chance at recapturing the White House.

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serket said...

His idea about Republicans using superdelegates is interesting. It would be good to make sure we are getting strong conservative candidates. I wonder if a purely conservative candidate could win a general election. Was Bush considered a legitimate consevative when he won the nomination?

I do have to give the Democtars credit on one point. They stripped all of the delegates from the early states, whereas the Republicans only took away half.