Sunday, May 11, 2008

Silence in the face of tragedy

A little over a week ago, a tropical cyclone struck Myanmar (Burma), killing 23,000 according to the corrupt military junta which runs the country, and over 100,000 according to more objective sources. Countless more have been rendered homeless and have no access to food or fresh water. Yet, what does the government there do? It blocks foreign aid, allowing only a trickle in, and seems far more focussed on an upcoming referendum which would "legitimize" its rule:

This is one case where the world community seems ready, willing and able to avert the catastrophe which may already be occurring. I will add this, though: The U.N. Security Council has said nothing about this tragedy. The despicable Human Rights Commission is also mum on the subject. So, the U.N. is still following its script. I guess that tens of thousands of dead Burmese don't equal a fractional number of dead Arabs on the West Bank or in Gaza...........

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