Monday, August 18, 2008

When is a debate not a debate?

When the MSM's Chosen One, Barack Obama loses, of course: The Saddleback debate was, by the accounts of both the Obama and McCain campaigns, moderated fairly and effectively. Yet, it has become pretty obvious that not only did John McCain win, he won convincingly, leading to the Obama spin on it ("McCain cheated!"), or the MSM spin, which is to pretend that the debate didn't happen. You couldn't find any mention of what happened on the Today Show or This Morning earlier today. It's as if it never took place. However, you can be sure that if Obama had won this debate, if would have led off the "A" block of every MSM news show.

Nope, no bias here, just keep moving along...............


Mad Zionist said...

McCain wiped the floor with Obama in this "debate", and for the first time I definitely believe that he has a good chance to defeat Obama in the general election.

aoc gold said...
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serket said...

Mad Zionist - Too bad your prediction was wrong!

What they’re putting out privately is that McCain ... may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama

Thanks for the laugh!

I liked how the moderator touched on moral issues and asked McCain about his first wife and it was revealing when Obama refused to answer a question about abortion, saying it was above his pay grade.