Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Palin

It's official: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is John McCain's selection as his Vice-Presidential candidate. Now, maybe she'll prove me wrong, but for the time being, I am unenthused about this selection. She puts no "blue" states into play, nor does she solidify the Republican hold on any wavering "red" states. She'll convince no moderates to move the GOP's way. I suppose that the thinking is that her selection will solidify the Republican base, and that possibly, she move some disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters away from Barack Obama, but I don't see that happening. Those women are Democrats, through and through, and they're not going to pull the lever for anyone other than Barack Obama.

Don't get me wrong, she's smart, articulate, and unlike a certain Presidential Candidate whose inexperience the MSM seems completely willing to ignore, she's actually run something other than a Presidential campaign, in her case a state for a couple of years (and been the mayor of a small town). She's also wildly popular in her home state, with approval ratings that go well beyond any type of "honeymoon effect". Could she sway the country with her charm and intelligence? I suppose, but................I question how she will fare against Joe Biden in the Vice-Presidential debate, and you KNOW that the MSM will do use every trick in the book--and probably more than a few I haven't even considered--to trash her. Will she have what it takes to withstand this? I sure hope so, but my gut is telling me "No!".

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serket said...

I was worried about him picking a liberal Republican as a running mate.