Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The U.S. State Department has denied an Israeli request to purchase military hardware which would have allowed Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities: A friend of mine e-mailed the article to me, and this set me off this morning, leading to my diatribe in the e-mail:

Is it official yet? Can we formally declare that the odious, Arabist U.S. State Department is now running all aspects of American foreign policy? I have been talking about this for several years now; about how the United States has been steadily distancing itself from Israel ("coincidentaly", that distancing began when Condoleeza Rice, a disciple of James "F--- the Jews" Baker, took over as Secretary of State). And this is what we're getting with a REPUBLICAN in the White House?!?! Can you imagine what it will be like if/when Obama takes over?

Here's what Bush 43 will have "accomplished" in terms of foreign policy in the last two or so years:

1) In connivance with the criminal Ehud Olmert, his government will have caused Israel to (for the first time in its history) lose a war--or at least appear to have lost a war, against Hezbollah;
2) Allowed Iran to make irreversible progress towards obtaining nuclear weapons;
3) Refused to do ANYTHING about Pakistan's not-so-subtle support of al Qaeda and the Taliban;
4) Exposed the U.S. as the most fragile of paper tigers during the Russian rape of Georgia;
5) Played footsy with North Korea as one of the world's most evil regimes spreads weapons and nuclear technology around the world to all of our enemies;
6) Demanded that Israel allow terrorists into the country, individuals that we won't even allow into the U.S.!
7) We've become the biggest funder of the corrupt terrorist entity known as the Palestinian Authority;
8) Encouraged the "Cedar Revolution" in Lebanon and then turned its back as Iranian/Syrian proxy Hezbollah took over the country.

Want some domestic failures? Sure, here's a whole bunch:

1) It took this so-called fiscal conservative SIX YEARS to veto his first bill. During that time, spending has ballooned to levels that would make even the most liberal of New Deal supporters blush;
2) He has allowed the U.S. Dollar, FORMERLY the pre-eminent international currency, to sink to unthinkable levels against virtually every other currency in the world, making it more expensive for Americans to buy everything. Thinki about this: The cost of oil began to spike six years ago, in 2002. When did the U.S. Dollar begin its freefall? I'll give you one guess as to the answer to that question;
3) He has absolutely refused to do ANYTHING about border security. If you're in bed with Ted "Open Borders" Kennedy, as Bush 43 is on the issue of illegal immigration, you KNOW that you're on the wrong side of the debate;
4) It took him until June of this year to finally propose lifting the ban on offshore drilling. Hmm. You have a far left figure in Nancy Pelosi running the show in the House. You COULD have proposed this in 2002, 2003, 2004, 200 or 2006, when there was a Republican majority in the House and as oil prices began their climb, but no, as usual you were reactive, not proactive. Good luck to you there, Dubya!
5) I'll come full circule here. Anyone checked out that national debt? It's kind of, well, HUGE. It's getting bigger, too. Again, I will remind one and all that he is SUPPOSED to be a fiscal conservative! Instead, he has been so profligate on spending that he has actually put the Democrats in a position where they can run to the right of the Republicans (!!) on the fiscal responsibility issue!

I could go on and on, but I'm too disgusted right now. Bah f---ing humbug...................

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