Friday, August 8, 2008

Double standard? WHAT double standard?

Thanks to the inimitable Atlas Shrugs for this one. Just two months ago, our wonderful Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, publicly remonstrated Israel for its refusal to allow some Palestinian students into Israel for interviews at the U.S. Embassy to determine if they would receive Fulbright Scholarships. So, under pressure from the United States, Israel let them in. What happens? The United States denied them admission: Why, because, as Israel insisted all along, they posed a security threat.

If Condoleeza Rice isn't the biggest failure as Secretary of State that I have ever seen, I don't know who is. She exceeds even James "F--- the Jews" Baker in her barely-disguised animus towards the Jewish State.

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da patriot said...

Unfortunately, there is a long list of things we have advised Israel to do that we know damn well we would certainly not do if we were in their shoes. Most of the time it is coming from the State Dept.