Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a cheery thought THIS is

There are continued reports of the penetration of Venezuela by Hezbollah and other Islamofascist terrorists: Let's ponder the implications of this for a minute: We have what amounts to an open border to the south. How difficult does anyone think that it would be for Spanish-speaking terrorists to come across through Mexico? That doesn't scare you enough? Well, how about this: Venezuela is flush with oil cash (made largely at our expense). It is a known supporter and funding source for terrorist organizations (just ask the Colombians). Given that the average Venezuelan really hasn't seen much of an improvement in his or her life, where do you think all that oil money is going?

Read between the lines on this one. The next major terrorist attack on this country is as likely as not to be planned and launched from South America as it is from the Middle East.

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