Monday, August 4, 2008

And still no one does anything

Well, who could have seen THIS coming? The Lebanese government has officially recognized Hezbollah's "right to resist" Israel by whatever means it chooses and whenever it chooses to do so: So, essentially, Hezbollah-ruled Southern Lebanon is now an official state, and if anything, it will receive formal assistance from the Lebanese Army when (not if) the next war with Israel takes place.

Thank you to the world for allowing this to happen.................

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da patriot said...

Thanks for commenting at my blog and for adding me to your blog roll I am doing the same for you on both of my blogs. Us bald headed geeks got to stick together. :)

Now, I have this to say about your current post. Israel needs all the friends she can get. I am proud of America for a great many reasons and one of them is that we have been a loyal ally supporter of Israel since 1948.