Sunday, June 15, 2008

Litigation Jihad in Canada

Mark Steyn, one of the pre-eminent conservative journalists around, is embroiled in a thought crimes "human rights trial" in British Columbia, Canada. The case was filed by Ontario Muslims who claim that Steyn promotes an "Islamophobic" viewpoint, and that he didn't offer an "alternative" viewpoint in his column:

First of all, I wasn't aware that opinion columnists were under any obligation to offer viewpoints other than their own. Second, this is nothing more than a transparent attempt by the litigation jihadists to silence anyone who dares speak out against them. The scary thing is that it's working.................

UPDATE ( 7:21 p.m.): For a fascinating (but long) discussion on this subject, go here:

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Anonymous said...


To some people the West is one enormous razzia , just waiting to be plundered.

Litigation-jihad seeking damages for hurt feelings by these acutely sensitive invaders is becoming all too common, and parasitism is rife.

However, potential employers can protect themselves from people with a cultural propensity to negatively-enrich them by checking the first names of job applicants before inviting them for interview - .

To take a random example, 'Bushra' means 'good tiding' in Arabic.