Thursday, June 26, 2008


Maybe the Christian Science Monitor has columnists who are monitoring my blog (if so, they are likely the only ones!), but one of their writers has echoed what I have been saying for months now. If you want to see oil prices drop, the value of the dollar MUST go up: It's not coincidental that oil today raced by the $140 a barrel mark, in conjunction with remarks by Libya that it is considering cutting production (gee, thanks Libya) and yet another decline in value by the dollar against the Euro after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (does the analogy "Nero fiddles while Rome buns" ring true to anyone else?) declined to hike the prime interest rate. And, of course, President Bush remains completely silent on this issue.

We are flirting with economic disaster and no one in D.C. seems to even notice that there is a problem, let alone care................

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Americaneocon said...

Nice posting, BHG!!

I'd love those gas prices to come down!!