Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm not the only one who noticed

The NBA has a serious problem on its hands with the whole referee issue. I don't just mean Tim Donaghy's admitting that he shaved points. We now have an allegation by Donaghy that the refs and the NBA conspired in 2002 to fix a game, as discussed so well by Michael Wilbon in today's Washington Post:

As a sports fan, what I can't understand is why this isn't bigger news. The game in 2002 that Donaghy has asserted was fixed was Game Six of the Western Conference Finals between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers, a game universally recognized by basketball fans as being one of the worst officiated games ever, one where the refs single-handedly handed the game to the Lakers. This allegation should be the front page of every sports section in the United States, and yet it is not really generating much discussion. Can anyone explain that to me?


serket said...

I remember the Kings leading the series 3-2 and then losing the last two games. I thought there were some bad calls when the Jazz and Bulls were in the Finals in the late 90s. My uncle thinks the refs should be fined if they make an obviously bad call. I heard the NBA is going to fine players for obvious flopping.

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