Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Iran ascendant

The United States doesn't have the will to do it, and neither does Europe. Israel doesn't have the ability to do it. So, it is all abut inevitable that at some point in the next few years, Iran will join the club of countries who own nuclear arms: http://www.nypost.com/seven/06152008/postopinion/opedcolumnists/bombs_awaywhy_the_us_policy_isnt_working_115609.htm. The ramifications of this will be global, as Amir Teheri notes. Iran is already closely allied with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and a whole list of other anti-American regimes. What will stop Iran from, as Teheri speculates, basing nuclear weapons in Cuba? It's not like we have a JFK in the White House now who will stare down the Iranians, and if it's Obama in the White House, you can be sure that any aggressive Iranian move would not be met with any American resistance whatsoever.

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Anonymous said...

Taheri? LOL! The "Yellow Badges for Jews" fellow? Yeah, go on. Pull the other one.