Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's over for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has suspended her campaign for the Presidency and thrown her support behind Barack Obama: I thought that this was one of Clinton's best speeches, and had she made more like this one, she'd probably be listening to Barack Obama concede the Democratic Presidential nomination to her.

I'm no fan of hers, but from strictly a human standpoint, one can't help but feel a slight tinge of sympathy for Clinton. That said, I think that she lost because of the many mistakes she made during the campaign, not the least of which was her clear belief that she was the "Inevitable Candidate". That's the same affliction that took down Rudy Giuliani's campaign on the Republican side, though much earlier in this process. When faced with a fight, she wasn't ready for it, and by the time she was, it was too late for her campaign.

We'll find out of over the next few months just how sincere she was in throwing her support behind Obama, and whether she ends up being the Vice-Presidential nominee. If she is, look out John McCain............

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Anonymous said...

hiliary, didnot loose it was the media making fun of her which she didnt deserve and every one wanted
the obama, even when she won w viginia it was outrages the way cnn
interapeded and went over to obama because john edwards was enderosing him what was great about that. the media did that to her because you men couldnt handlel agreat lady
ther is alot of people are not voting