Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sobering thoughts

By now, everyone has heard about, if not actually read, the news reports that the National Intelligence Estimate says that Iran is apparently not pursuing nuclear weapons technology (rhetorical question #1: When the 2005 NIE said that Iran WAS seeking nuclear weapons, it was a "lie" according to many pundits and members of the MSM. Why is it now the gospel truth?). I'll leave aside for the moment my considerable doubts about this determination (rhetorical question #2: If NIE's early in this decaded said that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was pursuing nuclear weapons technology, and they were wrong, why are they right now?).

With or without nuclear weapons, Iran represents a clear and ever-present danger to American interests in the Gulf: It represents an existential threat to Israel. In fact, if you're Israel, do you REALLY want to trust your survival to the determinations of a bunch of eggheads in Washington, D.C.? I'd bet that the answer to that question is no, or it should be (no), anyway.

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serket said...

I heard another interesting part about this report. It claims that Iran stopped their nuclear plans in 2003, which just so happens to be the start of the Iraq war. So if this report is true, does it mean we are safer now for invading Iraq? Also, didn't Libya abandon their weapons program in 2003?