Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm not only selfish.........I should be taxed for it

Some nutcase doctor in Australia has written to the Medical Journal of Australia suggesting that any family with more than two kids should pay a "carbon use tax" on those extra kids (bad news for me, with my four little BHG's roaming the house): This tax would continue ad infinitum.

Look, anybody who reads my blog knows that I am a conservationist and environmentally-friendly guy--Mrs. BHG does not refer to me as "The Recycling Nazi" for no reason--but I have to ask, what is this whack job thinking? I'll pay the tax on my kids when former V.P. Al Gore gives up his house which uses more carbon in a year than my family will probably use collectively in its lifetime.................

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jodi said...

watch the story of stuff...Recycling is only a small's good, but definitely is not enough!