Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Munich-ing Israel, Part Three

The more I read and hear about Munich--I mean, ANNAPOLIS--the more I become disheartened about the direction that the United States has decided to take vis-a-vis Israel. It is pretty obvious to even the most ardent defender of the Bush 43 Administration that in the space of two short years, his administrion has gone from being the most friendly U.S. administration to Israel to a clone of the Bush 41 Administration, which was the most unfriendly Israel has seen since the Eisenhower Administration. Just witness the actions of the American ambassador to the U.N., who tried to outdo even Neville Chamberlain in his perfidy:

And, WHY is Zalmay Khalilzad hanging out with George Soros?

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GM Roper said...

BHG, I too am very concerned about this "Munich" process being carried out in the name of peace. Each time this has been done, violence ensues. Hasn't the west learned that the Pali's and Arabs Do Not Want Peace?