Saturday, December 29, 2007

All the stereotypes, neatly gathereed together

Of course, it would have to be he Israel-hating Los Angeles Times which published this Op-Ed, which expounds nicely on the (false) analogizing between Israel and Apartheid South Africa, the "right of return" for ALL "Palestinian Refugees", etc., etc.:

How much does anyone want to bet that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice read this Op-Ed when it was published and nodded her head in agreement?

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The Contentious Centrist said...

"Ghada Ageel is a third-generation Palestinian refugee."

This piece of information, which typifies like nothing else the pathology of Palestinian memory, should get the readers scratching their heads with ponderous scepticism. Where have we ever heard of "third generation" refugees, except in the case of Palestinians, and how come this is so?

Where are the first generations refugees from Arab lands who fled to Israel?

Where are the millions of remaining German inhabitants who were expelled or fled from present-day Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, today's Kaliningrad Oblast, and other East European countries?