Sunday, December 23, 2007

The ongoing uncivil war

Mark Steyn has a wonderful piece in Macleans Newsmagazine about the ongoing "cold war" in the United States, though this war is not between communism and capitalism, but is instead a political battle between the domestic left and the right:

I share his sentiments, but prefer the term I used in my caption for this blog entry (Uncivil War). All one has to do to see how far the debate has degenerated is to go to Zombietime's website and see the level of hatred on the part of the far left for the United States in general and conservatives/Republicans in particular. This is not strictly a phenomenon of the far left, either. Too often I read blogs of fellow conservatives whose views I largely share, and see an animus directed not just at those on the far left (which is deserved) but to those who are merely "liberal" in their views. Derogatory, hateful terms are used ("Leftard", "libtard", "Feminazi", etc., etc.) which do nothing to advance any position. Rather, these terms serve no purpose other than to demean and hurt.

That is the current state of the United States. It is not a particularly good one.

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